New Ancient Discovery Reveals How To Get To Heaven While Still Being Alive!

Filmmaker, Damon T. Berry has created an intellectual series that explores and reveals ancient knowledge in a way that no one ever has before.  The series is called, “The Knowledge Of The Forever Time,” and one look  and your hooked.   This is a first of its kind series and its power is far reaching.  This series has over 2 million views on YouTube in less than a year.  It is a completely new form of documentary, and it will leave you completely shaken.  A brilliant series that is new, edgy, and unlike any expert commentary,  lecture, or television show that you have ever seen.  This amazing Documentary never leaves you with questions and instead it leaves you with unforgiving answers.   Unlike popular “Ancient Aliens,” documentary shows, in this series there are no questions of, “Why or How can this be,” but instead there are answers.  However, these answers are so earth changing they lead to astonishment and then silence.  He tells us why they built the Pyramids of Egypt and what its real purpose was for, and when you hear it you will be floored.   Believe it or not the pyramids even tell us how to get to heaven and not after death, but instead, while we are still alive.  It is the most humbling display of intellectual prowess ever seen, and after watching  one episode you will be speechless.  It is called, “The Knowledge Of The Forever Time,” and today you are cordially invited to the age of enlightenment.



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